Professional Mac Antivirus

Professional Mac AntivirusCombo Cleaner’s Mac Antivirus is professional Mac antivirus software that will ensure your computer is free from malware, adware, spyware, and other malicious applications.
 Combo Cleaner Antivirus includes:
 Adware scanner – no more pop­ups or unwanted ads while browsing the Internet. Malware scanner – a dedicated malware research team works 24/7 to ensure Combo Cleaner users are protected from outbreaking malware threats. PC specific (Bonus) malware scanner – Combo Cleaner Antivirus is equipped with an extensive database of PC threats to prevent you from inadvertently sending malicious files to your friends and other PC users.

Mac computers are among the most secure computers available to consumers.
 Today, however, many adware and malware developers are targeting this platform. Users who download free applications from the Internet can easily become victims of a scam when installing various toolbars and potentially unwanted applications. After installation, these programs generate intrusive pop­up ads and cause browser redirects. Various malware and ransomware threats are emerging that can easily be converted to infect Mac OSX operating systems. So, it is better to be safe than sorry – ­ protect your Mac now.

Our antivirus software is specifically designed to fight Mac native malicious applications, however, it also detects and lists PC ­related malware. The virus definition database is updated hourly to ensure that users are protected from the latest outbreaking malware threats. Combo Cleaner antivirus detects and removes viruses, malware, adware (potentially unwanted applications causing unwanted ads), spyware, and other malicious applications. 
Combo Cleaner prevents you from inadvertently sending infected files to your friends and colleagues via the Windows operating system on their PCs.

Here is a common situation: you have received an email with an infected attachment, which you have forwarded to your colleague(s) at work – those using Windows open the attachment and, in doing so, infect their computers with malware or ransomware. Combo Cleaner prevents this scenario. While our antivirus is specifically designed to fight Mac malware and adware, we have also implemented a virus definition database capable of detecting PC ­specific viruses.
ComboCleaner Antivirus features:

•    Detects and eliminates Mac OSX and PC Windows malware and adware infections.
•    Award wining virus scan engines.
•    Hourly virus definition updates.
•    Scans for malicious code in archives (.rar, .zip, .pkg, etc.).
•    Intuitive user interface.
•    Drag and drop files to scan.
•    Optimized for macOS Sierra.

Here are examples of adware, malware, and potentially unwanted programs (PUP) that Combo Cleaner Antivirus removes (these are just a few samples – our antivirus database holds definitions for thousands of malicious applications):

Shopy Mate, Slick Savings, Searchme, Omnibar, GoPhoto.It, FlashMall, Ebay Shopping Assistant, Cinema Plus, Amazon Shopping Assistant, Downlite, Buca Apps, Search Protect, MyBrand, VSearch, Vidx, Genieo, Swissfist, SearchBenny, StrtPoint, Gingerbroom, Tragiclivs, Lexside, Eliaho, Quitelex, Neishifear, Yourforth, Siderspace, SearchMoose, Duckokong, Brasshour, Leperdvil, Montageobox, Gwenrose, Olivernetko, Feelbegin, Kuklorest, Oliverto, Celipsow, DNS Unlocker, Offers4U, Nariabox etc.

Browser redirects:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

Potentially unwanted applications:
 JustCloud, Advanced Mac Cleaner, Mac Adware Cleaner, MegaBackup, ZipCloud, PremierOpinion, Spigot, Yahoo! Search, etc.

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