App Uninstaller

App Uninstaller

Combo Cleaner’s uninstaller enables you to find hidden components of applications and uninstall them from your computer.
Our uninstaller delivers the quickest and easiest way to uninstall applications from your Mac, thus, resulting in extra disk space.

All applications downloaded from the Internet are delivered with additional associated files. Although dragging an application to trash removes the application itself, the associated files remain, resulting in lost disk space.

If you enjoy trying out new applications, eventually your disk drive will become crowded with useless hidden files.
Combo Cleaner’s app uninstaller is equipped with an easily understood interface – with just one click, you can display all installed applications in one list.

Uninstalling applications using our app uninstaller takes just seconds. While some applications are delivered with their own uninstaller, most do not offer this feature or do not provide thorough removal of all software and associated files. Combo Cleaner’s app uninstaller, however, can perform complete removal and recover valuable disk space.
Combo Cleaner’s App Uninstaller features:

•    Easy to understand user interface.
•    Displays all installed applications in one place.
•    Optimised for macOS Sierra.
•    Smart associated files search algorithm
•    Easy file preview before removal.

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