Disk Cleaner

disk cleaner

With one click, Combo Cleaner thoroughly analyzes your disk and lists all cache, temporary, and other redundant files that can be safely removed to free up valuable disk space.

Do not hesitate ­ eliminate all junk files from your Mac now. Combo Cleaner’s disk cleaner utilises a robust scan algorithm, which momentarily checks your hard drive for junk and various other temporary files. After a quick scan, users are presented with a concise list of application cases, logs, browser data, and other useless files that can be safely removed to regain valuable disk space. This utility alone can save you gigabytes of disk space, and the best part ­ it is totally free.

Mac computers are known to require much less maintenance for cleaning, since the OSX operating system is considered advanced technology. While these facts are true, heavy Internet usage and extensive work with various applications inevitably generates many junk files.

Clearly, all Internet browsing sessions leave redundant log and cache files. Each time you remove an application, supporting files remain on your system. All Macs require a cleaning session to remove redundant data and junk files from the system.
ComboCleaner’s Disk Cleaner features:

•    Fast and powerful ‘smart scan’ algorithm.
•    Finds junk files on external hard drives.
•    Free feature capable of removing gigabytes of useless junk files.
•    Informative preview to safely remove useless data.
•    Intuitive interface.
•    Optimized for macOS Sierra.

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