Duplicate files finder

duplicate file finder

Combo Cleaner locates junk file duplicates and lists them in an easily understood form. Removing duplicate files has many benefits. For example: recovering wasted disk space, reducing file search times, minimising media backup times, etc. Combo Cleaner finds duplicate songs (with associated audio files), documents, photos, MP3 files, videos, and more.

Duplicate files finder locates identical file copies stored on hard drives, listing them for quick and easy identification. This makes it easy to remove identical files that add no value and occupy valuable disk space. Combo Cleaner’s Duplicate files finder analyzes individual file data to locate similar matches.
This software detects duplicate files regardless of file type and size. Duplicate files finder is equipped with a complex scanning algorithm ­ much more advanced than standard clone file finders (which scan hard drives for identical filenames and similarly­sized data).

Today, the Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Each day, we browse various websites and download a wide range of data. No matter how carefully we try to organise our information, we inevitably generate many duplicate music, video, and image files.
The presence of duplicates on systems makes it difficult to keep track of file locations and files that have been modified. As detailed above, deleting duplicate files has many benefits including improved disk indexing performance and reduced backup times.
Combo Cleaner’s duplicate files finder features:

•    Support for many file formats, including images, videos, music, etc.
•    Finds duplicate files on local and external hard drives.
•    Fast and precise detection of duplicates by analyzing file content and attributes.
•    Removes duplicate folders.
•    Intuitive interface.
•    Optimized for macOS Sierra.

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