Privacy Scanner

Privacy Scanner

Cookies are files created on your system when browsing various sites. They are used to keep track of your movement within websites. Browsing history files contain information pertaining to websites you have visited, information entered into forms, etc. Cache files contain copies of your frequently visited websites. In the wrong hands, this information can compromise your privacy.
Combo Cleaner’s privacy guard allows you to easily eliminate unwanted browser extensions that might otherwise cause privacy issues and display unwanted advertisements while browsing the Internet.

This powerful tool also enables you to eliminate various information stored when browsing the Internet including cookies, history, cache, and other files that can reveal your private information. Regular removal of the these files also improves Internet browser performance (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera).

Here is a full list of data that Combo Cleaner’s privacy guard will help you to manage: cache and offline data, cookies, bookmarks, browsing and download history, saved forms, logins, search history, last stored sessions, DOM storage, extensions, and reading lists.
Using Combo Cleaner’s privacy guard, you can easily remove all nuisance files that: violate your privacy; allow others to know what sites you have visited or what images you have viewed, and; reveal your private information.

Combo Cleaner’s privacy guard features:

•    Support for all major Internet browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera).
•    Optimised for macOS Sierra.
•    Intelligent scan algorithm.
•    Simple user interface.

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